ocean spirit massage

Massage, the healing arts, as well as art itself is a powerful tool for healing. If you are looking for a massage in Helena Mt then Ocean Spirit Massage is the place for you. Our bodies function more fully after a massage, via connection, the art of healthy eating and exercise that heals not stresses the body. We are able to be more fully awake and engaged in our world with massage and the other healing tools Ocean Spirit Massage has to offer. Ocean Spirit Massage integrates body, mind, and spirit, creating a solid framework for over all well-being with massage, Qi Gong exercise, Food Healing, Yoga, spiritual teaching and many more classes. After a session many clients report they feel more connected to their bodies, to others, and to the planet as a whole for a more functional life and well being. We have been performing massage in Helena Mt for over 5 years and are second to none,

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